Calimesa Community HOA Wants Homeowner to Remove American FLAG

HOA rules and regulations can get sticky sometimes, but the Home Owner’s Association at JP Ranch in Calimesa, California wants a homeowner to remove his American Flag and flag pole he erected in his backyard claiming he did not get approval or permission from the HOA for it. The Calimesa HOA, JP Ranch Maintenance Corporation, […]

More Riverside and San Bernardino Condos Will Be FHA Financeable Soon

Its always been a thing in the real estate business: If you’re financing a home purchase with a FHA loan most condominiums (here in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, at least) can be scratched off the list. Why? Simply put, if the condominium complex is not FHA certified then FHA will not sign off on […]

Don’t Own a Home? Pay More in Auto Insurance?!

A new report/study from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) came out claiming that most insurance companies charge non-homeowners more for their auto insurance than auto drivers that do own a home, sometimes as much more as double-digit percentages! WOW! Lucky for us here in California, companies are not allowed to charge based on this metric, along […]

Riverside County CA Zoning Codes

If you’ve been searching online for Riverside County zoning codes I understand your frustration. For some reason, the County of Riverside likes to hide their zoning information, and once you do find it, the codes can be cryptic and without explanation. But this will make you feel a little better: I’ve attached downloadable PDF of Riverside […]

Zestimate® or Guesstimate – Is Zillow’s Zestimate® Accurate?

I could argue for days about the accuracy of Zillow’s Zestimate®. And now that Zillow is buying Trulia for $3.5 billion dollars (Did they use the Zestimate® for this bloated price too?), I’m sure the Zestimate® conversation is going to heat up more than ever. I am a real estate agent and pricing homes and […]

Want to Buy a Home but Struggling with Your Finances?

If you want to buy a home but are having trouble making your finances work, getting a little help and advice could help you make your American Dream come true! Check out this useful article courtesy of Yahoo! Homes: ————- Buying or Selling a Home? Call Now (888) 9-List-It That’s (888) 954-7848 ————- Or […]

So Is It a Buyers Market? Or a Seller’s Market?

Just came across a great article in REALTOR Mag online that really highlights what our current state of the real estate market we are in, especially here in Southern California. The article really hits the nail on the head about how far apart buyers’ and sellers’ opinion of price and market values. It also gives […]

Positive Equity Up, Many U.S. Homes Still Underwater

A Corelogic analysis of quarterly data from 2013 revealed expected, and unexpected, results of equity of mortgaged homes nationwide. According to the Corelogic report, 4 million homes gained value and moved into the black with positive equity in 2013, that is 42.7 million homes nationwide. Also according to the same Corelogic analysis, 6.5, million homes […]

An Honest Look at Real Estate Agents

Many home buyers and sellers distrust real estate agents. We can’t say we blame them. Being in the real estate business for as long as we have, you see all kinds of rotten things some real estate agents try. But, just like other professions, many agents are ethical, even though some are not. We have […]