Don’t Own a Home? Pay More in Auto Insurance?!

A new report/study from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) came out claiming that most insurance companies charge non-homeowners more for their auto insurance than auto drivers that do own a home, sometimes as much more as double-digit percentages! WOW! Lucky for us here in California, companies are not allowed to charge based on this metric, along […]

Want to Buy a Home but Struggling with Your Finances?

If you want to buy a home but are having trouble making your finances work, getting a little help and advice could help you make your American Dream come true! Check out this useful article courtesy of Yahoo! Homes: ————- Buying or Selling a Home? Call Now (888) 9-List-It That’s (888) 954-7848 ————- Or […]

Positive Equity Up, Many U.S. Homes Still Underwater

A Corelogic analysis of quarterly data from 2013 revealed expected, and unexpected, results of equity of mortgaged homes nationwide. According to the Corelogic report, 4 million homes gained value and moved into the black with positive equity in 2013, that is 42.7 million homes nationwide. Also according to the same Corelogic analysis, 6.5, million homes […]