Do YOU Trust a Computer-Generated Home Valuation?

Zillow. They have their Zestimates. I just recently did a Google search for a particular address that gave me two different Zillow results. One showed the home listed for sale, which I know is true, and another shows the home as NOT FOR SALE. But with their Zestimate, or Guesstimate, er, whatever……. at $50,000 OVER […]

Find the Property Taxes for Any Riverside County Home

Are you looking for your real estate tax bill on your home or property? Maybe you are buying a home in Riverside County and would like to look up what the assessed property taxes are on the home. Here’s a great resource for anyone interested in the property taxes of any home or property in […]

Housing Inventory Still Sooooooo Loooooooooooow!

Hola Southern Cali! Here’s yet another blog from me, Todd Garrigus, your blogging broker here at Garrigus Real Estate! I was working on some statistics recently and came across this little graph mapping all the housing inventory on our MLS, the CRMLS, here in Southern California so far in 2018. For reference, our CRMLS is […]

Wanna Buy Real Estate in Dubai? Break Out Your Bitcoins!

I don’t own any Bitcoins. It’s about as speculative as it gets as far as investments are concerned IMHO. But a developer is building a beautiful new building in Dubai willing to sell you an apartment with Bitcoins, or cash. Whichever you prefer! Let me know how you want us to write up your offer! […]

HOME SELLER TIP: Make a Great First Impression!

So you’re selling your home. Of course, you want to do everything possible to sell it quick, and for as much as you can get. So why not do what you can to achieve that end result? So mow your lawn… a lot! This Home Seller Tip can affect the first impression a buyer has […]

Does Your Real Estate Broker Opt-IN or Opt-OUT of Zillow?

Does your broker opt-in? Or do they opt-out of Zillow? Many that just started reading this have no idea what I’m talking about, but whether you’re a home seller or a REALTOR®, you best believe your broker knows if they opt-in or out of Zillow! But you as an agent, or you the home seller, […]

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day with Trash!

Hey Southern California, I love ya! But you already knew that, didn’t you? You are my small slice of paradise on a beautiful planet that is unique in all the vastness of the Universe, at least based on humanity’s limited knowledge. You are a part of the only known planet in all the cosmos with oceans […]

Housing Inventory is STILL WAY DOWN – So What Does it REALLY Mean?!

Have you heard? Housing inventory is way, WAY DOWN!!! I mean, seriously down! There simply just is not enough homes for sale to satisfy the buyers currently shopping for homes. And they are shopping HARD. Many home buyers are desperately trying to purchase their home before the FED raises the interest rates. We are seeing inventory […]