Housing Inventory Still Sooooooo Loooooooooooow!

Hola Southern Cali! Here’s yet another blog from me, Todd Garrigus, your blogging broker here at Garrigus Real Estate! I was working on some statistics recently and came across this little graph mapping all the housing inventory on our MLS, the CRMLS, here in Southern California so far in 2018. For reference, our CRMLS is […]

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Buy a House After a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy?

Have you previously lost a home to foreclosure? Have you sold a home using a short sale? If you’ve been through a financial hardship like a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, deed in lieu of foreclosure, this article will help you determine how long you must wait to re-enter the home buying mortgage markets. The graph […]

Housing Inventory is STILL WAY DOWN – So What Does it REALLY Mean?!

Have you heard? Housing inventory is way, WAY DOWN!!! I mean, seriously down! There simply just is not enough homes for sale to satisfy the buyers currently shopping for homes. And they are shopping HARD. Many home buyers are desperately trying to purchase their home before the FED raises the interest rates. We are seeing inventory […]

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